BCS Implements

The BCS Heavy-Duty (HD) Combo Mower provides the best of both worlds: a brush cutter capable of reclaiming overgrown areas and suitable for maintaining your lawn.
The Combo Mower features a floating deck to follow ground contours and retractable caster wheels.  The 1/4'' thick fixed blade is 30'' wide.
The HD Combo mower fits models 732 and up.

The BCS Chipper/Shredder, also called the B-100, is as heavy-duty as it is useful. Attaching effortlessly to BCS models 722 and up, the chipper/shredder is easily transportable and accomplishes a variety of useful tasks.
A high carbon steel chipping blade mounted to a heavy, ½'' thick flywheel is combined with 28 swinging steel flails for multi-purpose action. The rotor is much heavier than competitive chipper/shredder brands, and that extra weight creates more inertial momentum which translates into superior performance.
The Chipper can easily take limbs up to 3'' in diameter, and the discharge chute is equipped with a rod and lynch pin for quick removal of the discharge screen. Two adjustable caster wheels allow for easy transportation, and a pair of adjustable legs can be implemented for increased stability during operation.
The Chipper/Shredder is also available as a “stand-alone” unit called the EC100, which features a Subaru EX27 engine and wheelbarrow-style handlebars for transportation.  Ask your dealer for availability.
Uses for the chipper/shredder include:
Create mulch for around gardens, flower beds, etc.
Clean up yard debris.
Shred garden debris for compost.
Shred newspaper for horse bedding.

The Moldboard Plow (also called Bottom Plow) applies the principle of turning soil used widely in traditional farming.  The plow turns over topsoil, bringing subsoil to the top and burying weeds and previous crops; thereby speeding decomposition.  This is an alternative to the tiller and rotary plow attachments for first-time soil breaking.  If used, a pass or two of the tiller will still be needed to prepare a ready-to-plant seedbed.
There is a special Moldboard Plow designed specifically for model 750 (p/n 9249992).
The Swivel Moldboard Plow is comprised of two plowshares; one positioned over the other.  One plowshare rolls the soil to the right, while the other rolls soil to the left.  Pivoting the shares at the end of each row enables the operator to create and work in only one furrow.  This is a necessity when plowing across slopes, since the soil needs to be turned uphill for good results.
Because the plows require significant traction, the tractor needs large wheels and plenty of weight to be productive. Suited only for Professional Series models, Wheel Weights are required, and 12'' wheels are strongly recommended (available with models 749 and up). .
Unlike other non-powered implements, the Moldboard Plow does not need a Tool Carrier accessory, as the implement attaches directly to the hitch on the rear side of Professional Series tractors through an integrated carrier configuration.

Required Accessories: 6.5'' x 12'' wheels and Wheel Weights.

With bcs power tiller you don't just dig your dirt, you build your soil.  Bust sod, prepare seedbeds, precision cultivate and, when gardening season is over, power compost spent plant material or between-season cover crops directly back into your soil for organically richer soil in the spring.
Most importantly, BCS accomplishes this effortlessly. Like any good tool, your “job” is to simply keep it company.  Because of its chopping action, the forward-rotating tines are not prone to getting tangled with plant material.  With large wheels in control and proper balance, the tiller avoids “tine walking” and requires little or no downward pressure on the handles.  Its compact design makes it easy to turn at the end of the row.
Simply put, BCS Tillers are of professional quality, to be enjoyed by home and commercial gardeners alike.
All BCS tractors have a second, dedicated speed for cultivating between your plants.  In this gear, the tines turn 10 times per revolution of the wheel, eliminating weeds and creating a dirt mulch without over-pulverizing your soil.

Compost is a key ingredient to produce higher yields and is absolutely essential as an amendment between succession plantings.
Applying compost to planting beds is also a time-consuming job -- until now.
The BCS Spreader saves time and effort while increasing distribution efficiency. Forget about wheelbarrows, shovels, and rakes! The Spreader lays down a regulated depth of compost with 13 settings ranging from 1/8” to 1”. The width is 30” -- perfect for 30”-wide growing beds. And the distance between the spreader’s wheels is 36”, so it can effectively straddle 30'' raised beds up to 6 inches tall.

Mechanically, the all-terrain lug tires drive a full-width, heavy-duty rubber conveyor belt, allowing the compost to evenly discharge from the front of the spreader. Once the end gate sets the spread depth, the unit continues spreading to the desired depth regardless of tractor speed. Activating a lever on the operator's side of the unit stops the belt at the end of the row, avoiding spillage while turning around or transporting.
The Spreader can handle all types of amendments, from compost to sand, making it ideal for landscapers and farmers alike.
Made in the USA, the BCS Spreader is manufactured by a firm specializing in spreaders -- Earth and Turf of New Holland, PA
Required Accessory: Curved Coupler. Small version (92259500) for 739 and below, Large version (92247720) for 749 and up.
Fits models 732 and up. A minimum of 5x10 wheels are recommended.

Haul and ride with the BCS Utility Trailer! With 875-lb capacity, this heavy-duty trailer includes a padded seat along with foot and parking brakes and a removable tailgate.   An easy-to-use dump feature also allows owners to get rid of their haul smoothly and effectively.
The Utility Trailer attaches when the tractor's handlebars are set in the rear-mount setting only. A Curved Coupler is required to mount the Utility Trailer for easy attachment and removal.  The Curved Coupler's design keeps the tractor level and the tiller tines out of the ground while the trailer is attached, which means you can leave your tiller attachment connected while operating the Utility Trailer. Shift into the transport speed, and the trailer will serve double duty as a great runabout!

Note:  The Utility Trailer is intended for haulage and transport applications only.  No implements can be operated while the Utility Trailer is mounted!
Required Accessory: Curved Coupler 


BCS offers 21'' and 32'' Power Harrow options for bed-style gardening operations. The Power Harrow is manufactured by Thivierge of Quebec and is the preferred seedbed preparation tool by many market gardeners.
While the traditional BCS Rear-Tine Tiller mixes the soil with its vertically rotating tines, the Power Harrow's knives turn horizontally, stirring the soil like an eggbeater.
The goals of this implement are the following:
Helps preserve soil structure by creating a larger particle size than that produced by the tiller
Reduces weed seed germination by not bringing a new generation of seeds to the surface
Gently levels and compacts the bed with its metal mesh roller
Now featuring the exclusive adjusting "Josephine" lever, the Power Harrow is easy to turn at the end of rows.  The easy-to-use lever enables the operator to quickly reach the transport position at the end of the row.  After the turn, the desired depth is re-established by returning the lever handle to its previous notch. 
The 32''size is perfect for the 30”- wide growing beds that are popular among market gardeners.  Its compact length gives it a close center of gravity to the tractor, thus very manageable to maneuver.
The Power Harrow's tine depth can be easily adjusted from 0 inches to 5 inches and also includes an integrated tang at the PTO connection point. 
The integrated tang has a wider bolt hole for the female tractor bushing, which provides a side-to-side "float" on uneven terrain.  This integrated tang also means a Quick Hitch bushing is required to mount to all BCS tractor models. 
The gentle compaction of the mesh roller improves the performance of mechanical seeders. The roller also benefits the landscape industry by leveling uneven ground.
The 21'' Power Harrow fits models 722 and up.  The 32'' version fits models 732 and up. 
We also recommend 12'' wheels and wheel weights when coupled with models 732 and up.  Required Accessory:  Bumper Weight Kit for easier turning at the end of the row.  Due to the Power Harrow's integrated Tang, a Quick Hitch Bushing is required.

This unique attachment is world-renowned for its superior performance, versatility and easy handling.  Designed by the Berta Franco Company in Italy and recently nicknamed the "Groundblaster", the Rotary Plow accomplishes a multitude of tasks efficiently and effectively.
Four spiral blades spin at approximately 250 RPMs on a vertical shaft, digging effortlessly into all types of soil—including hardened, rock-filled dirt that has yet to be broken.  Debris is discharged to the right side, allowing the operator to build raised beds with multiple passes.
The Rotary Plow engages the ground up to 12'' deep, and can be regulated by a depth wheel that also provides easy transportation.
The Rotary Plow can accomplish these tasks and more:
Break new ground
Power compost cover crops
Build raised beds
Create drainage ditches
Power hilling

The Swivel Rotary Plow is also available for special applications.
Required Accessory:  Wheel Extensions

Log splitting has never been so easy!  Drive your splitter to the wood pile with this highly efficient attachment made by Wallenstein, the premier Canadian manufacturer of log splitters.
Equipped with a 4" diameter cylinder and 16 gpm, two-stage hydraulic pump, the splitter is conservatively rated as developing twenty tons of splitting pressure that powers through the toughest wood with ease.
The Log Splitter can be operated either horizontally or vertically.  It takes approximately 7 seconds to split a log that is 24" long, and another 7 seconds for the hands-free reverse to return the wedge to its starting position.
Equipped with large diameter tires and a wide stance, the log splitter is both stable and easy to steer.  The quality of all the components, along with its performance, make it appropriate for commercial operations.  An optional 4-way splitting accessory is available to increase your productivity.

Required Accessories:  Power Cradle and Curved Coupler

The Ridger implement allows BCS owners to create ridges and furrows in previously tilled soil.  So after the seedbed has been prepared by a BCS tiller, the Ridger can move the loose soil to the desired height and position.
When two Ridgers are attached to the Straight Bar Tool Cultivator, the operator can leave a width of undisturbed soil, thus creating a walkway between the two rows of hilled crops.
The Ridger easily slides and fastens onto any Tool Carrier accessory and is height-adjustable, set by a bolt on the preferred Tool Carrier.

Required Accessory:  Adjustable or Fixed Tool Carrier
Recommended Accessory:  Wheel Weights, Straight Bar Cultivator

Enjoy the benefits of a self-propelled, professional pressure washer on your BCS tractor! Equipped with an AR pump, the BCS Pressure Washer puts a premium on both performance and durability.
Start the engine independently of the pump and feel the force of 16,000 cleaning units (PSI multiplied by GPM).
The AR pump is built to last with a forged brass manifold, ceramic plungers, and stainless steel valves.  Best of all, AR supports its pumps with a 5-year warranty.
The Pressure Washer comes with a 50-foot hose, 36'' pistol-style wand, and five tips for variable pressure output (angles are 0, 15, 25, 40, and 65 degrees). The customized powder-coated frame employs convenient storage for the wand, hose, and tips. An easily removable swivel caster wheel helps transport the unit to the job site.
The compact size of this implement makes it easy to remove and install on BCS tractors, and leaves a small storage footprint (20'' x 20'').
The Pressure Washer has two model options:
PW4000-40  Fits models 732 and up (11 HP and up). 4000 PSI and 4.0 GPM.
PW3600-35  Fits model 722 (8-10 HP).  3600 PSI and 3.5 GPM.

Required Accessory:  Power Cradle
Optional Accessory:  Soap Injector Kit (part number 85.400.001)

More Tools 

NEW!  The 48'' Power Sweeper is now available!
Despite being classified as a “snow removal” attachment, the BCS Power Sweeper can be used for a multitude of tasks.  Sweeping snow is the most popular job associated with this attachment, but its heavy-duty nylon bristles can sweep away debris on asphalt parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, rooftops and more.
The angle of the sweeper can quickly and easily be adjusted during operation with a handlebar from the operator's position.  Two caster wheels, one on each side, allow for premium maneuverability, and they can be adjusted to various heights with spacers.  The sweeper follows the contours of the ground independently from the tractor with an oscillating swivel-joint in the mounting flange.
Uses of the power sweeper include:
Snow removal
Parking lot, driveway and sidewalk clean-up
Spring cleaning—remove road salt, cinders and sand from lawns after winter
Dethatching—pick and lift dead grass, leaves and other debris to simultaneously windrow it for easy collection.
Construction site clean-up
Dock clean-up
Roof clean-up

Have another use for the BCS Power Sweeper?  Let us know!

Don't forget your quick hitch tang for easy hook up!!

Save time, maintenance and storage space by making your BCS tractor a manicured lawn mower, too! The BCS Lawn Mower outperforms most walk-behind mowers in the market with a steel deck and heat-treated steel gears running in oil bath.
Both the 22'' and 38'' mower decks provide the option of side discharge or bagging. The bags can be easily removed, and the side discharge port is above the deck for a wider dispersion of the clippings. Effective bagging of the clippings requires proper air flow, and the key variable is the distance from the bottom rim of the deck to the ground.
BCS Lawn Mowers have the unique system design of adjustable blade settings on splined, spindled shafts—without raising or lowering the deck. The height of the blades can be adjusted in seconds with a mounted lever, and maintains a premium cut and peak bagging performance with the desired air flow.
Hinged blade tips on the 38'' mower are used to protect it from impacts with rocks, stumps and other hard surfaces, and each blade has its own discharge into the bag, allowing the maximum amount of clippings into the bag as possible. The bags on both mowers are also hinged so that it pivots upward and forward for easy removal of the clippings.
For the areas too large to mow while walking, check out the BCS Mowing Sulky, which allows owners to ride while they mow.

The BCS Brush Mower is the weapon of choice for people who want a non-manicured lawn to have a lawn-like appearance. Mowing anything it can bend, the Brush Mower is a perfect solution for those areas that four-wheel tractors can't mow—across steep slopes, along ponds and streams, through walking trails and more.
Brush Mowers have available widths of 21'', 26'', and 32''.
The Brush Mower gives cutting power and protection with a floating deck, allowing for maneuverability in tight spaces. Its unique design features skids on each side and two ¼'' thick swinging blades similar to a large rotary brush mower for 4-wheel farm tractors. The horizontal blades fold back when encountering a rock or hard surface.
The blades on the Brush Mower do not chop material as fine as a Lawn Mower or Flail Mower, therefore are not ideal for cover-crop mowing. Cut material is released under a rubber flap in the rear.

Accessory Note: Model 718 requires 4'' x 10'' wheels to operate the 21'' Brush Mower.
Accessory Note:  We recommend 5'' x 12'' Wheels for optimal use with the 32'' Brush Mower.  The extra wheel height will provide more ground clearance for the engine.

The Hiller/Furrower easily attaches behind any BCS Tiller attachment with a hitch pin.
When installed, this accessory creates planting furrows in your seedbed.  The depth of the furrow is determined by a separate adjusting shoe on the Hiller/Furrower. The wings can then be widened for hilling purposes, and works best when used in second gear.
Best of all, the Hiller/Furrower is FREE with the purchase of Harvester Series models 718 and 722.  Ask your dealer for details.
Because the Hiller/Furrower is best used in second gear, it will not perform as well with single-speed 712 tractors.

BCS's newest mower is also one of its best:  the RollerBlade flail mower is ideal for shredding cover crops for quick decomposition.  
We recommend that market gardeners seriously consider the RollerBlade when comparing its features to the standard Flail Mower.   It has several differences, including a full-length roller with an easy-to-use crank handle that provides an infinite range of mowing heights, ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 inches.  
This roller is beneficial for the following reasons:
Prevents "scalping" when the mower is adjusted to its lowest height setting, even on soft soil or raised garden beds. 
Easier to traverse rough terrain (such as V-ditches) because the roller is located closer to the tractor wheels than skids or caster wheels.  This reduces the overall length of the machine. 
The RollerBlade also features wider and thicker blades, plus a lower dome-shaped housing which produces a smaller particle size in a single pass than the standard Flail Mower.  The RollerBlade is currently available in a 30'' cutting width only.  
Read more about the comparison between the RollerBlade Flail Mower and the standard version. 
Like other BCS mowing attachments, the RollerBlade can mow anything it can bend, but because of its lower dome and 2.5'' maximum mowing height, we still recommend the standard Flail Mower for "all-purpose" applications.  This includes mowing tall, dense material.

The Flail Mower is the heaviest-duty mowing attachment in the BCS fleet.  Capable of mowing in the toughest conditions, the Flail Mower has vertically rotating 'Y' blades that pulverize plant material into a fine pulp that is evenly spread across the mowing width.
The Flail Mower's front bulkhead is designed for lifting itself depending on the flow of material to be worked, which can be thick brush, vines and saplings.  Like the Brush Mower, it can mow anything it can bend, including saplings.  A convenient control handle sets the cutting height from ½'' to 4'', and retractable caster wheels allow for easier handling and transport.  The mower rides on special side-mounted skids made of boron steel.
Check out the additional Flail Mower Accessories which can be installed to improve specific applications.
Now available!  The RollerBlade Flail Mower offers some distinct differences as an alternative to the standard Flail Mower.
Accessory Note: Model 722 requires 5'' x 10'' wheels to operate the 24'' Flail Mower.  The 722 is not a recommended tractor to operate this attachment due to its straight axle.

Meet BCS's most convenient attachment yet: The Buddy Cart—an easy-to-use, self-propelled barrow that hauls up to 450 pounds and 10 cubic feet of volume. 
Easily haul compost, rocks, firewood, etc., and effortlessly maneuver through common 36" gates. The Buddy Cart measures 33.5" wide, 72" long (including tongue), and 27" high.  
Featuring a heavy-duty steel tongue, the Buddy Cart easily installs to the tractor's PTO connection point on BCS models 722 and up.  The powder paint-coated tongue is spring-loaded, enabling it to "flex" while navigating uneven ground contours.  The frame of the Cart has a low center of gravity, making it less prone to tipping when crossing slopes and uneven terrain.  
The Buddy Cart's rustproof poly tub is 10 cubic feet and tilts to dump loads with the activation of the dump lever located on the tongue.  The dump lever includes a rope hole so the cart can be remotely dumped from the operator's position.  
Finally, the Buddy Cart can also be used in "rear-mount" position by rotating the BCS handlebars and offsetting the handlebars to the left or right.  This allows you to conveniently collect yard debris without having to walk around the tractor to reach your cart.
Given all these features, the question is: Could you use a "buddy" to help with all the hauling jobs around your property?

Don't forget your quick hitch tang for easy and fast hook ups!


The BCS Duplex Sickle Bar Mower steps it up a notch from its single-blade predecessor.  This unique and fast sickle bar attachment mows using two moving blades, each moving in equal and opposite directions.  The dual-action reduces vibration for the operator and increases efficiency in mowing applications.
Riveted guards on the lower teeth allow for no clogging of mowed materials, and have spring-loaded blade tensioners for decreased vacillation.
The Duplex Sickle Bar is much wider than the wheelbase, so you can easily trim along slopes, ponds, under fences, and other low-clearance places you wouldn’t dare take a traditional mower.  It can also be used for forage harvesting, most notably hay.

PLEASE NOTE:  All prices for the Duplex Sickle Bar Mower include the required oil bath transmission.

Why buy a separate engine and drive train for every piece of seasonal outdoor power equipment?

With BCS tractors, you get all-gear drive performance and power with each and every attachment.

The BCS Dozer Blade is built for moving and “dozing” gravel, sand, dirt, and other small debris, as well as leveling ground.
With an inverted position in which the blade can push or pull debris, the Dozer Blade is fixed to the mount to prevent “floating” like the BCS Snow Blade for maximum leveling performance.
The blade can be adjusted to five different positions to steer debris in a desired direction.  We recommend first installing the plate to the PTO connection point, then installing the blade.  

An Empty Quick Hitch tang is required to mount if the tractor is fitted with a Quick Hitch bushing. 
Wheel weights are recommended when in push mode for maximum performance.

The Sickle (cutter) Bar Mower is original to the BCS brand, and it's also one of the most popular attachments. Ideal for many different tasks, the Sickle Bar is designed to slice material at its base to leave the cut material in tact. This means there's no flying debris, thrown stones or excessive mulch.
The height-adjustable sickle bar is much wider than the wheelbase, so you can easily trim along slopes, ponds, under fences, and other low-clearance places you wouldn't dare take a traditional mower. They can also be used for forage harvesting, most notably hay.
Plus, Sickle Bar Mowers save time and are extremely efficient—they consume less fuel than other mowers, require very little power, and can be operated by smaller engines, including the BCS model 710! These machines are ideal for commercial operations that value cost-effective performance.
Every Sickle Bar Mower has an optional oil bath transmission, which offers smoother operation, longer life, and increased weight for climbing steep slopes.
The Duplex Sickle Mower is also available for double action—simultaneous separate blade assemblies that move in equal and opposite directions for lesser vibration and better performance.

PLEASE NOTE:  All prices include the required dry (greasable) transmissions *Limited Supply Available*.  An optional Oil Bath Transmission upgrade is available.

The Root Digger (also called the Potato Digger) is used to harvest small-scale crops of root vegetables. The round tines extending from the implement sifts through worked soil, making most of the vegetable visible and can be easily collected.  It's important to note that the Root Digger can only burrow into the soil as deep as it's been worked.
The Root Digger can harvest potatoes very efficiently down the center of the row.  For more delicate root crops such as garlic, onions, and turnips, the implement should be planted to the side of the row to avoid crop damage.

Required Accessory:  Adjustable Tool Carrier, Wheel Weights
Recommended Accessory:  Wheel Extensions, Straight Bar Tool Carrier


The BCS Mowing Sulky (also called “working sulky”) is designed so owners can ride while they mow!  Recommended for the Professional Series models featuring Differential Drive, the mowing sulky operates front-mount attachments only, but is not limited to any particular mowing attachment.  The Power Sweeper can also be operated when the Mowing Sulky is attached.
Via a pair of lynch pins, the Mowing Sulky frame connects to rods/flanges that are mounted to the tractor wheels.  This is particularly useful if you encounter mowing areas not suited for the Mowing Sulky, such as steep slopes or tight areas.  The sulky can be easily removed and re-attached in the field with no tools required!

The Mowing Sulky is the only way to ride any BCS tractor while operating a front-mount attachment—the Utility Trailer and Transport Sulky can not operate implements while they are connected.  Like the Utility Trailer, the Mowing Sulky inhibits the turn radius of the tractor.  Sharp turns are not recommended due to a potential jack-knife effect.

The Swivel Rotary Plow works similarly to the Rotary Plow, but instead of one plowshare throwing soil to the right, the Swivel Plow has a second plowshare that can be set for left soil discharge. At the end of each pass, a lever on the rear of the attachment allows for easy changing between the two plowshares.
Each plowshare has four spiral blades that spin up to 300 RPMs on a vertical shaft, digging effortlessly into all types of soil—including hardened, rock-filled dirt that has yet to be broken. Debris is discharged to the left OR right side (not simultaneously), allowing the operator to build raised beds with multiple passes.
Like the Rotary Plow, the Swivel Rotary Plow can break new ground, power compost cover crops, build raised beds, create drainage ditches, and more. The Swivel Plow is designed for use on slopes, tight spaces, and extensive operations.
This attachment is heavy at 150 pounds, which is why we recommend mounting a Bumper Weight Kit to the front of the tractor to help offset and balance the rear weight of the implement. This makes it easier to turn at the end of the row and lift the plowshares off the ground when swiveling.

Required Accessories: Wheel Extensions and Bumper Weight Kit.

BCS Tractor of Florida

A division of Lake Area Small Engine Inc.

The V-Cultivator (also called a Spring Tine Cultivator) is versatile and easy to use.  Easily connected to a Fixed or Adjustable Tool Carrier, the V-Cultivator has the ultimate variable width.  The bars collapse or widen to a width of up to 31 inches, and five adjustable teeth can be situated according to the needs of the operator.  Adjusting the width of the cultivator is easier than that of a BCS Tiller, with an adjustable wing nut situated in the center of the implement to expand or retract the wings.
The V-Cultivator is great for weed control in between narrow rows of small-scale crops, and can operate between a maximum of six crop rows per pass.  Another advantage of the V-Cultivator is that stones easily glance off the tines without getting bogged down within the implement, eliminating the risk of crop damage.
The V-Cultivator comes with five removable tines and a removable transport wheel.

Required Accessory:  Adjustable or Fixed Tool Carrier
Recommended Accessory:  Wheel Weights

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