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Quick Hitch

Old Tractor, New Attachment Adaptor


   Adding weight to tractor wheels is often important, particularly when operating non-powered attachments. Better traction improves performance and safety.

Wheel Weights are required to operate the Moldboard (Bottom) Plows, Root Digger, and other applications in which the tractor weight is insufficient to perform the intended application of the attachment.

There are three Wheel Weight options based on wheel size: 

  • add 48 pounds to 8" wheels (standard wheel size for models 620, 710 and 718)
  • add 66 pounds to 10'' wheels (standard on models 722 - 749) 
  • add 150 pounds to 12'' wheels (standard on model 750)

150-pound Wheel Weights and 12'' wheels are recommended to operate the Moldboard Plows. 


  • Easily bolts onto the outside of 8", 10'' and 12'' wheels
  • Adds 48 lbs to 8" wheels
  • Adds 66 lbs to 10'' wheels
  • Adds 150 lbs to 12'' wheels

Transport Wheels

Tool Carriers


Now Available!  The BCS Spiked Wheels are a great option for mowing on steep slopes.  They can mount directly to the axles of any BCS tractor, but we highly recommend these wheels only with tractors featuring Differential Drive. 

Spiked Wheels are available in two sizes: 3x300 (11.8 inches wide) and 4x400 (15.75 inches wide).  The 3x300 version has three rows of spikes, and the 4x400 has four rows of spikes. Both wheel drums are 15'' tall, and each spike is 2'' long, so the "spike to spike" height totals 19''. 



The size of BCS tractor wheels are very important: they can dictate whether an attachment can be operated by a particular tractor or not.  Larger wheels give tractors more height, thus increasing the versatility of the tractor.

For example, 4'' x 8'' wheels come standard on models 718 and 620, but to operate the Brush Mower, 5'' x 10'' wheels must be installed to heighten the mower deck and operate effectively.

Wheel sizes can also dictate the wheelbase width.  See this article for more information. 

Pneumatic standard wheel pairs come in the following sizes:
4'' x 10'' (part # 92244832) Standard on model 722.
5'' x 10'' (part # 92248334)  Standard on models 732, 739, 749, 852, and 853.
6.5'' x 12'' (part # 92244806)  Standard on model 750.


  • Increases the height of BCS tractors to accommodate certain attachments.
  • Steel Wheels available for increased traction on hillsides.
  • Turf Wheels available for manicured lawn applications.

Wheel Weights



The BCS Curved Coupler easily slides onto the tractor's hitch, which is located just above the PTO on models 718 and up.

The accessory is required to stabilize and balance the tractor when using tow-behind attachments, most notably the Transport Sulky and Utility Trailer.  It fits onto the tow hitch and is fastened by sliding a pin through the coupler and hitch.  This configuration allows the towed implements to rotate side-to-side, but not up and down.

The Curved Coupler comes in two sizes: one for models 718 - 739, and another for models 749 and up.  This is because the tow hitches are smaller up to 739, and wider for the larger models. 


  • Small Curved Coupler for models 718 - 732 (p/n 92259500)
  • Large Curved Coupler for models 749 and up (p/n 92247720)

Power Cradle


This accessory pairs BCS tractors made prior to 1995 with new attachments.

In 1995, BCS changed the PTO configuration on its two-wheel tractors from a splined shaft to a 3-jaw shaft.  This adapter connects the splined shaft of a pre-1995 tractor with the 3-jawed shaft.
Part # 92290832

Flail Mower Attachment


Multiply the PTO speed, multiply the possibilities!

Technically, the Power Cradle is a mini-transmission attached to the BCS tractor's power take-off (PTO) shaft that increases the maximum speed of the PTO from 990 to 3600 revolutions per minute (RPM).  It's required to operate both the Log Splitter and Pressure Washer attachments.

Functionally, by duplicating the speed of the engine crankshaft, the possibility exists to power any and all tools that would normally be powered directly by an engine of equal horsepower.

Like BCS's tractor transmission, this mini-transmission features heat-treated steel gears and shafts, supported by embedded ball bearings, and runs in oil bath.

Mounting attachments to the Power Cradle is quick and convenient. The output shaft of the Power Cradle features the Quick Hitch bushing, and the male tang is an integral part of each attachment.

Instead of purchasing a Pressure Washer with its own engine and a Log Splitter with its own engine, you can purchase both these tools as attachments for your BCS tractor.  Save on storage space, reduce your engine maintenance headaches, enable your tools to be self-propelled, and gain the ability to have the engine run independently of the tool. 


  • Increase PTO speed from 990 to 3600 RPMs.
  • "Mini-transmission" has heat treated steel gears and shafts.
  • Includes the Quick Hitch bushing for tractor mounting; requires a standard implement tang on attachment.
  • Presently used for powering the log splitter and pressure washer attachments.

Spiked Wheels

Straight Bar

Bumper Weight Kit


The Hiller/Furrower easily attaches behind any BCS Tiller attachment with a hitch pin.

When installed, this accessory creates planting furrows in your seedbed.  The depth of the furrow is determined by a separate adjusting shoe on the Hiller/Furrower. The wings can then be widened for hilling purposes, and works best when used in second gear.

Best of all, the Hiller/Furrower is FREE with the purchase of Harvester Series models 718 and 722.  Ask your dealer for details.

Because the Hiller/Furrower is best used in second gear, it will not perform as well with single-speed 712 tractors.


  • Adjustable wings for different row widths
  • Easily slides onto tiller attachment and attaches with a hitch pin
  • Fits on all tiller sizes

PTO Extension


  Tool Carriers come in two available options to attach non-powered gardening implements: Fixed or Adjustable.  These Tool Carriers are required to operate the Root Digger, V-Cultivator, and Ridger soil-working implements.

All carriers are mounted to the tow hitch located above the PTO with a pin.  You'll need the appropriate sized pin to make it work:  Models 739 and below require smaller pins, and models 749 and up require larger pins due to different hitch widths.  Talk to your dealer to get the appropriate sized pin.

The Fixed Tool Carrier can mount one non-powered implement, but the angle of the implement can not be adjusted.  That's why we always recommend the Adjustable Tool Carrier, particularly with the Root Digger.  This allows the operator to set the angle of the implement based on the tasks that are needed to perform.


  • Easily attaches to tow hitch on models 718 and up.
  • Required to operate Root Digger, V-Cultivator, and Ridger.
  • Adjustable Tool Carrier increases versatility.


  Improve stability on hillsides or rough terrain by extending the wheels 5" outward.  This is a required accessory for the Rotary Plow and Swivel Rotary Plow.

Two sets of Wheel Extensions can also be used to bolt dual wheels together for increased traction on the ground.


The BCS Sickle Bar Mower is renowned for its ability to mow hard-to-reach areas and operate in spaces you wouldn't dare take a traditional mower.  Similarly, the Duplex Sickle Bar Mower is the preferred tool for mowing a large acreage of grassland since it can effectively cut while operating in a faster gear.

When climbing steep slopes or traversing severely uneven terrain, both versions of the Sickle Bar can benefit from additional weight on the sickle bar transmission to prevent the mower from being "back-heavy," or heavier on the engine side of the tractor.  The Sickle Bar Weight Kit (part number 922C0350) helps keep the implement on the ground and eliminates the need for the operator to lift upward on the handlebars.  The kit can be installed on both grease-able and oil bath sickle bar transmissions. 

Both versions of the Sickle Bar Mower also have adjustable skids, which can be adjusted up to a 3'' cutting height.  The skids are installed on threaded bolt holes on the top of the bar assembly, and are adjusted by tightening its dish-shaped shoes in the desired position.  Please note that these skids can be installed only on the Laser version of the Sickle Bar and Duplex mowers. 


  • Each Sickle Bar Weight Kit is 33 combined pounds.
  • In some cases, the Weight Kit can be stacked for two total weight kits totaling 66 pounds.
  • Adjustable skids set mowing height up to 3 inches.

Curved Coupler


 The Straight Bar easily attaches to the Fixed or Adjustable Tool Carriers to provide more options with BCS's non-powered gardening implements.  This accessory can accommodate multiple shanks for various styles of cultivator teeth, including V-sweeps.  The most popular application is to attach two Ridgers to the straight bar in order to mark out rows or hill plants.

When two Ridgers are attached, the maximum distance between the leading edges (points) of the two Ridgers is 35 inches.

Required Accessory:  Fixed or Adjustable Tool Carriers

Recommended Accessory: Wheel Weights


  • Adjustable height settings for gardening implements.
  • Operate multiple gardening implements in one pass.
  • Width between implements up to 35 inches.

Sickle Bar weight kit


     Raises tiller tines off the ground for faster, easier transporting.


The Flail Mower is BCS's most versatile mowing attachment.  It can mow anything that it bends over, and the height of cut is infinitely adjustable between 1/2" and 4".  Set in its lowest setting, the Flail Mower also serves as a self-propelled shredder; capable of reducing material to a small particle size for quick decomposition.  Depending on certain circumstances, the following Flail Mower accessories may enhance its range of performance.

Anti-Scalp Roller:  These full-width rollers replace the skids and enable the flails to be set at a cutting height of 1/2" without scalping, i.e. contacting the ground, even when mowing on soft soils.  Also, because the roller is located closer to the tractor than the skids or caster wheels, it becomes easier to traverse rough terrain (example, mowing through V-ditches).  Part numbers 92290892 (24''); 92290893 (30''); and 92290895 (35'').

Lawn Mowing "Scoop" Blades:  If your mowing needs change from "off-the-lawn" to lawn, these alternative blades will deliver manicured lawn results.  Again, mowing height is infinitely adjustable from 1/2" to 4".  Be advised, however, that the changeover time to switch from the standard Y-blades to the "scoop" blades is considerable (approximately 1 hour).  Part numbers 59259457 (24''); 59259456 (30''); 59259458 (35'').

For extensive turf mowing applications, check out the BCS Turf Wheels. 


  • Anti-scalp rollers replace the skids and are set at 1/2'' cutting height.
  • Rollers are full-width and come in all flail mower size options (24'', 30'', 35'')
  • Lawn mowing "scoop" blades deliver manicured lawn results.

Wheels and Tires


  Easily attach and remove BCS attachments with the flip of a lever!

The Quick Hitch (QH) eliminates using tools to change implements and is widely considered to be the most useful BCS accessory.  The standard Quick Hitch Kit (part # 92290825K) comes with one female bushing (mounted to the tractor) and two male tangs (mounted to the powered implements).  The tangs are inserted into the bushing, and the red lever is compressed to lock them together.

An empty PTO tang is available for the Snow Blade and Dozer Blade (p/n 92257851). 

Note: The Quick Hitch is only available for tractors made after 1995.

Model 750 features a unique Quick Hitch system.  The 750's PTO connection point has an integrated tang, therefore attachments require a special 750 bushing.

Receive a FREE Quick Hitch with purchase of a Professional Series tractor!  Get one tractor bushing and one tang for each PTO-driven attachment purchased at the time of the tractor.  Model 750 purchasers receive a 750 bushing with each implement purchase. 

BCS Tractor of Florida

A division of Lake Area Small Engine Inc.



Extend the PTO mount on any BCS tractor to help increase stability with light weight attachments like the Snow Thrower and Sickle Bar Mowers.

This accessory is also useful on heavier tractors, particularly model 750 (PS).

The PTO Extension can be installed on either the tractor or attachment.
Part # 9229082.

5" Wheel extensions

Why buy a separate engine and drive train for every piece of seasonal outdoor power equipment? With BCS tractors, you get all-gear drive performance and power with each and every attachment.


      The Bumper Weight Kit easily attaches to the engine bumper of any BCS tractor, and helps to counterbalance the weight of heavy rear-mount implements such as the Power Harrow and Swivel Rotary Plow.  The kit consists of two brackets and two weight plates totaling 28 pounds. 

Specifically, when operating the Power Harrow or Swivel Plow, the Bumper Weight Kit makes it much easier to turn the machine at the end of the row.

The brackets are curved to install onto the tubed shape of the BCS tractor's bumper, and each have extended studs to allow for fastening the weight plates with a single 17mm nut and lock washer. 

Please note that using the Bumper Weight Kit with lighter implements such as the standard Rotary Plow will result in diminished performance--the implement may not engage to its full depth setting. 

The Bumper Weight Kit may be colored silver or dark blue, depending on current availability. 


  • Two weights and brackets easily install onto any BCS tractor model.
  • Weights and brackets combine for 28 total pounds.
  • Aides in alleviating heavy rear-mount attachments such as the Power Harrow and Swivel Rotary Plow.
  • Weight Kit may be colored blue or silver.